October Update

Bought a standard poodle puppy.  Bringing him home October 5, so October will be full of housebreaking, and FUN.

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Wow! Another Inner-City Success Story

The more I become interested in educational enterprises that lift students out of failure in the inner-city, the more I come across such projects.
    One such project, Ginn Academy, started two years ago in my hometown of Cleveland, Ohio.  My husband found a story about Ted Ginn and the school he founded in yesterday’s New York Times sports section, of all places.  The reason the story was in the sports section is that Ted Ginn is football coach at Cleveland’s Glenville High School.  He apparently has always had a special relationship with his students, and an astonishing number of them have gone on to play in the N.F.L. 
    But in Cleveland’s inner city, Ted Ginn saw too many young lives being lost to violence and drugs.  So he asked to start an academy for young men that would follow his special style of love and high standards.
    Having begun working long ago at Glenville High School as a security guard, Ginn spent ten years volunteering as assistant football coach.  Lucky for his players, even though Ginn never went to college, his talent earned him the Glenville High School football coaching job in 1997.  Lucky for his students, in 2007 when he proposed Ginn Academy, his reputation earned him that also. 
    At Ginn Academy, students wear a uniform: red blazer, pressed black trousers, white shirt, tie.  At the start and end of each day, they recite the Ginn Academy Creed in unison:

    Our mission is to become exemplary students who will reach
        our full potential and beyond.
    We will recognize our genius and realize our self-worth.
    We will stay patient and poised to seize every opportunity for
    We are guided by scholarship, leadership and service to all
    The Ginn Academy will cultivate us to become global leaders
        of the century.

    Strict rules govern behavior at Ginn Academy.  Classes are small, with Ted Ginn’s hand-picked, excellent teachers who are willing to go that extra mile or hour each day to assure that their students succeed.  Seven special counselors are available 24-7, at school and by cell phone, to help students through the often horrendous life problems that stand in the way of their academic success.  Students at Ginn are succeeding, sometimes without parents, or after coming out of jail, or with nothing but failure behind them. 
    Ted Ginn has figured out what a number of successful inner-city schools have discovered.  1) Adults show love to young people by holding them to strict standards.  2) Learning takes long, hard work, with no substitutes.  3) Young people are capable of turning their lives around when school personnel truly believe in them and show it.

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